About me

My name is Katie. I’m a 30-something-year-old who just can’t seem to stop dreaming about bigger and better things in life. I fall more and more in love with growing every day, and I live for big or small adventures. I was born and raised in Louisiana’s deep southern parts but moved to Dallas, Texas, in 2015 and finally settled around Charlotte, North Carolina, in February 2020. I also have a small addiction to new and exciting things, making it difficult to immerse myself in the right career path.
I have been a makeup artist, a hairstylist, Salon and Spa manager, a writer, a lyricist, a dancer, a singer, a piano player, a blogger, a photographer, a Nanny, a Credentialing Agent in the healthcare world, a jewelry designer, and many other things. I am sure I’ll continue to be those things and much more in the future as well. But there is one title I have been chasing my whole life: a business owner. I didn’t want to be “just” a mom - I wanted to create an orphanage where every child grew up knowing they were loved. I didn’t want to be “just” a hairstylist - I wanted to own my own salon where every woman left feeling refreshed and beautiful. I didn’t want to be “just” a physical therapist - I wanted to have my own dance rehabilitation clinic, so other dancers had a place of support and refuge during recovery. I have had many dreams, and I’ll continue to have so many more - but there is a common thread between them all: business and love, two things I am most passionate about.
Although I love business, it’s not all work and no play around here!
Some other loves of mine include:
Photography. I was born into bloodlines of photographers. From grandparents to aunts, parents, and siblings, photography can be found in every corner of my family tree. My specialty is wildlife and nature photography. I love that nothing needs to be spoken between the subject and myself; all I need is patience and a steady hand. You can follow along with my photography adventures at @kbtrivette on Instagram.
Dyslexia. What? How can that be a love? While I may not adore the struggles that come with learning, observing, and absorbing things differently than the average brain, I DO adore shattering the stigmas around Dyslexia. Dyslexia (or ADD, ADHD, any sort of difference) is not a death sentence. Our brains just process the world differently - and it is a beautiful, creative thing… once we learn how to cope and manage. I also LOVE helping others who struggle with this difference to understand all that they can accomplish in life despite the negativity around this issue and even within themselves because of it.
Mountains. And hiking. These go hand-in-hand for me. Man, oh, man! The first time I saw a mountain was on my drive to Yellowstone National Park (my favorite place). We were driving through Colorado, and to see them off in the distance absolutely took my breath away. As we inched closer and closer, I became overwhelmed while noticing just how small I am on this massive planet we have. I love exploring every possible inch. I spend (most of) my weekends submerged in nature. It is my peaceful, happy place that grounds me when I’m stressed and whispers answers in the wind when I have questions. In fact, this is one of the deciding factors when I chose to move to North Carolina! In my heart of hearts, I do hope to move closer to Yellowstone down the line.
If you’ve gotten this far, drop me a DM over on my @bellejoie Instagram. Don’t forget to mention this accomplishment for a surprise gift! Happy shopping. :)